Dr. Sean Salazar

Palmer West Chiropractic College

Dr. Sean Salazar was born and raised in Seattle Washington where he attended Cleveland High School graduating in 1984. He then joined the United States Navy and served with air-wings on two famous aircraft carries. The USS Nimitz and USS Midway both in the Persian Gulf.
Following the Navy he began an intensive bio-medical engineering program in college and during this time Dr. Sean severely injured his lower back, breaking it in the process. Fortunately his Medical doctor believed in Chiropractic and immediately referred Sean to him. The Medical doctor told Sean, “If the good Chiropractor cannot fix you, then we will have to do surgery.” Fortunately for Sean, the Chiropractor was able to patch him up to a point to where he could walk and the feeling in his legs came back. The Chiropractor also cautioned him that the break is still there and to eat right, stay thin and keep his back muscles strong. If not, he may visit the pain again. Well, true to his words, Sean kept himself strong over the years and has only revisited the back pain once when he went through a period on no training.
This experience inspired Sean to a point that he decided to changed his entire career path to becoming a Chiropractor and to ‘patch’ up people in pain like the Good Chiropractor that helped him.
He then attended Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose and when he graduated, opened his first practice in San Diego. Right from the start Dr. Sean being athletic naturally graduated towards rehabilitating/treating hard to manage and difficult sports injuries. This then helped him immensely develop a comprehensive combination of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy that has helped virtually everyone in need of care ranging from the elderly to young children.